How to contact professors by email to convince them for acceptance letters? Below are the samples of emails you can use to contact professors. Do not copy paste these letters, only take ideas, and then prepare your original letters so to start emailing professors for purpose of convincing them for obtaining acceptance letter. Email to Professor for Acceptance Letter Samples;

1. Sample

Greetings Sir,

This is Your Name from Pakistan and I am writing you an email to inquire if you can supervise me for Master Degree in Environmental Engineering this year?

I am Environmental Engineer having 80% marks and excellent track record from Pakistan with research interest in your field. I am highly interested to join your Research group for Master Studies in your university. I will apply in your university through Chinese Government Scholarship if you can become my supervisor.

I worked in two top Oil Refineries of Pakistan and had wonderful industrial experience and I hope I’ll hear from your side soon.

Can you please let me know sir if you can allow me to join your group for Master Degree?

I can send you my detailed resume and study plan as well.

I’ll be waiting for your reply soon.

Best Regards,
Your name.

2. Another Sample

Hello Professor,

I am (Name Here) from (University Name) from (Country Name).
My research interest field is pretty similar to your research areas and I would like to request you Professor (His Name Here) to supervise my Doctoral or Master or Bachelor research in (University Name) for year (Insert Year Here).

I did very well in previous University (Previous University Name Here), scored (___) position and now interested to pursue my degree in (Country name insertion here) this year.

Kindly issue me Acceptance Letter so I can proceed with my application,

Fond Regards,
(Candidate Name Insertion Here),
Mention your Country name Here.